Monday, November 21, 2016

What are the Inputs For Identification of Risks and Opportunities

As you are aware, the major thing in ISO 9001:2015 is "Risk Based Thinking" where you have to consider risks and opportunities related to your organization with regard to every aspects like socio, economic, political, technological, etc. This would be not only in macro scale but for micro scale at production lines. 

For do this, there are many types of tools available. 
The following methods can be used for determining the inputs for identification of risks and opportunities to the company. There can be many, but these would be the more frequently used ones.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mechanism of Stock Trading - Presentation

This presentation was created by me for my "Guide To CSE" readers to describe the process of stock trading in a story form, which is pretty easy to understand.

What are in in ISO 9001:2015 - Presentation

This presentation was created by me on educating the executive staff of my company on ISO 9001 2015 changes.

What is "Risk Based Thinking"

The Risks related with an organization can be mainly separated to 3 categories.

What are new in ISO 9001:2015

ISO released a newer version of ISO 9001 in last September. As per most people, the standard is a totally new change with respect to the older version.
The main change would be realizing the load of paper work or documents required to run the system and removing that item from the system. But, still they need any documented evidences to prove that we are doing the thing.